The Chipper Pet Sitter, llc
Dog walking, pet sitting, and special needs care.
"...I make it my mission to treat every pet as if they were my own."

As a member of Pet Sitters International, Katie Rogers has started “The Chipper Pet Sitter, LLC” as a bonded and insured pet sitting service through the Business Insurers of the Carolinas. Making sure your pet or dog sitting service is both bonded and insured, is essential to securing the safety of your pet, your home, and yourself.

Katie always knew she wanted to work with animals, so she decided to attend Harcum College's Veterinary Technician Program, and graduated with her Associates degree in 2010.  Katie also earned her Pet Sitters Certification through Pet Sitters International, and her Pet CPR and First Aid Certification through Pet Tech in the spring of 2013.  While Katie was in school, she spent her time studying, volunteering at spay and

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About Katie Rogers

 neuter clinics, and working as a veterinary technician and kennel worker at a general and emergency veterinary hospital in the Philadelphia area. During her senior year of college, Katie spent three months at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for small animals, and 3 months at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center for large animals for her practicum. During her rotations through these hospitals, Katie spent several weeks in each department learning invaluable nursing and technical veterinary skills. She believed that she learned more in those six months than any other six month period in her life.
        After graduation, Katie moved out of Chester County to the Scranton area.  She always wanted to live near the mountains, and fell in love with how friendly the people were.  Katie worked at an emergency veterinary practice in Clarks Summit as an emergency technician, and at a general veterinary practice in Back Mountain as a surgical technician.  At these hospitals she was able to fine tune her nursing skills, and learn even more about intensive patient care, disease processes, and surgical patient care. 

        Katie became quickly known for how patient she was with special needs pets, and their people.  Katie has gained lots of experience working with many kinds of pets, and all types of medical and behavioral difficulties.  She knows what effects specific medications have on pets, how to positively reinforce good behavior, and how to care for a pet after surgery.  If a pet is feeling ill, or isn’t acting right, Katie knows what kinds of key signs to look for to tell when a pet is in need of medical attention.  Since Katie has graduated from Harcum, she has attended many pet sitting, and veterinary technician related lectures including pain management, wound and surgical site healing, cardiac patients, and geriatric pets.
        “I have had many pets of my own, and I know how much they mean to their families. Whether the pet needs to be cleaned up, sling walked, guided so they won’t bump into something, or just given some extra TLC, I make it my mission to treat each pet as if they were my own. It is my goal as a pet sitter to provide professional, trustworthy, pet sitting and dog walking services that will go above and beyond for every pet.”





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