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  • Table of Contents
    1. Why should I hire a pet sitter instead of boarding my pets or taking them with me?
    2. What will a pet sitter do during visits with my pet?
    3. Are you available for times other than when I go on vacation?
    4. Will you take my pets to your home, or visit them in mine?
    5. When I go out of town, how many times per day should you visit my pet(s)?
    6. How long will you visit my pets?
    7. Do you require that my pets have their vaccinations?
    8. If my pets become ill while I'm away, how will that be handled?
    9. What if you, the pet sitter, have an emergency, and can't get to my pets?
    10. Do you ever spend the night at a client's home?
    11. What days of the week, and times of the day are you available?
    12. I would like to have my neighbor care for my pets part of the time, and have a pet sitter care for my pets part of the time. Is that ok?
    13. Should I call before I leave to confirm my trip?
    14. What about insurance and bonding?
  • Why should I hire a pet sitter instead of boarding my pets or taking them with me?

  •      Let’s face it, nobody likes to burden a good friend or neighbor with watching our pets, so why not put them in a kennel or take them with you?  There are many reasons why hiring a pet sitter is a safer, and far less stressful, alternative to boarding or traveling with pets. Kennels are often very loud, and stressful environments. Dogs often come home with stress colitis (diarrhea), and cats can be so stressed, they might not decide to eat.  Kennels are also breeding grounds for infectious and contagious diseases, including kennel cough, ring worm, and the influenza virus. While vaccinations will help prevent some of these diseases, vaccinations are not 100% effective.  Then you also have to worry about taking your pet there, and picking them up.  You might even have to leave them for an extra day or two, if the kennel is not open early or late enough for you to pick up or drop off.  If you have multiple pets, other than cats and dogs, the kennel most likely won’t even take them. 

        Traveling with your pets might be even more dangerous than you would think.  New sights, sounds, and smells may disorient your pet, and your pet might act in ways they normally wouldn’t, becoming truly lost. Different climates can also affect our pets.  Pets can develop fungal respiratory infections, asthma, and many other types of diseases when suddenly moved to either a more humid or dry location they are not accustomed to.  There are also other diseases that pets need to be vaccinated for, and a higher population of dangerous parasites, like heartworm in other parts of the country. Open car windows can be dangerous for your dog to hang out of because of flying debris. If  your pet is not secured in the back seat, they might be injured during a sudden stop.  Having to give your dog a potty break at a busy rest stop, with cars all around, is also not a safe situation.  
        If you are thinking of putting your pets on a plane, airplane travel is one of the most dangerous forms of transportation for pets.  Pets are kept with luggage, where there is no temperature control, and the noise is unbearable. If the temperature outside is either too hot or too cold, the airlines might not even take your pets.  With a pet sitter, you won’t have to worry about any of that.  Your pet(s) will be in the safety, and comfort, of their own home when you leave and when you come back.

         Katie offers many different types of visits and services.
    The typical pet sitter visits will usually consist of providing fresh water, feeding, playtime, outdoor time if needed, and plenty of attention for your pet. However, Katie also offers other services like turning on/off the lights, moving the curtains/drapes, and bringing in the newspaper to prevent burglars. Katie is qualified in working with pets with special needs, she can train dogs basic obedience commands, and she has plenty experience giving both oral and injectable medications. Please have any veterinary instructions, medications, or discharge instructions ready to go over during the free consultation appointment.  Click here to learn more about my school and work history in veterinary medicine. 
         Absolutely, Katie also provides dog walking services, sling walking, medication administrations, check in services for an older or ill pet, yard scooping, taxi services to the vet or groomer while you’re at work, and other pet sitter services. If you don’t have access to a vehicle, you may also accompany your pet to their appointments.
          Katie will only come to your home for pet sitting services. This way your pets are able to stay where they are comfortable, and in their usual surroundings.
        For dogs, Katie requires at least three visits daily.  For healthy cats, and most other types of pets, two visits per day is usually sufficient. Some pet sitters are ok with only one visit for cats and other low
    maintenance pets, but many things can happen that could put a pet at risk if not attended to more than once in a 24 hour period.  For an example, if a pocket pet spills their water and Katie only visits once daily, they could be sitting in wet bedding for 24 hours, and get sick very quickly.
        It depends on what your pet(s) require, how many pets you have, and how long you would like Katie to stay with them. 30 minutes at a time is standard for one pet while on vacation. Pets that only need to be given fresh food and water, a short potty break, or simply checked on might only require a 15 minute appointment. Dogs that need to have an extra long walk to burn off energy, pets that need extra attention, or pets that have other special needs, might need a longer appointment.
        Yes. Dogs, cats, and Ferrets must be up to date on Rabies and Distemper vaccinations, and Katie must have a copy of their vaccination records for my file. Any of these animals that are not fully up to date on these vaccines, need to have a written letter and signed by a veterinarian explaining why they cannot be vaccinated.    During the free consultation Katie will have you fill out an emergency consent form that will include how you would like such a situation to be handled, and emergency contact information.  In case of an emergency, your pet will be taken to the ER if your regular hospital is not open, too far away, or if your regular vet advises me taking your pet directly to the ER.  Once we reach the hospital, Katie will contact you immediately. If Katie cannot get a hold of you, Katie will attempt to contact the emergency contact(s) you list.  If nobody is able to be contacted, Katie will give permission to the veterinarian to do everything as instructed as per the emergency consent form. Make sure you inform the emergency contact(s) that you have them listed, tell them how long you will be away, and make sure they are ok with making these decisions in your absence if needed. 
         In the case of an extreme emergency Katie will contact the emergency contacts you have listed. For this reason, please be sure you inform the emergency contacts that they have been listed, and how long you will be on vacation.  Make sure they are ok with being emergency contacts.  Katie will also attempt to contact you to inform you of the situation. If neither you, or your emergency contacts are able to be contacted, Katie will contact my personal emergency contact to be sure your pets are properly looked after.
        Yes, Katie offers 12 hour overnight stays between 7pm and 7am any night of the year.
          Katie has a completely open schedule all year long, including holidays.  Katie makes basic, standard, and premium visits between 8:00am and 7:00pm. After sunset, dogs will only be given short walks outside for their safety.  Please 
    click here for pet sitting rates.
      Most pet sitters, including, will not share pet or home care responsibilities with someone else due to the complications, and problems, that may arise as a result.  If someone will be in your home, or have access to your home while you're away, please be sure to discuss it with Katie during the free consultation appointment.    Definitely!  Just before you leave, call Katie to confirm that the trip is going as scheduled, and then again when you return home.  If you don't call  when you return home, Katie will try to contact you.  If Katie is unable to get a hold of you, then she will continue to show up to take care of your pets until she knows you have arrived home safely.  You will be charged for any extra visits. It is in your best interest to require that the pet sitter be insured and bonded.  This protects you should there be an incident that involves you, your pet, or your property.  Katie is a certified pet sitter through Pet Sitters International, a world renowned pet sitting association, bonded, and insured.  The Pet Sitters International association not only requires pet sitting businesses to uphold a high standard of care, but they also provide lots of free extra continuing education, forums, and conferences.  This allows Katie to continue to expand and improve upon services that she offers.  Katie will be able to show you proof of certification, insurance, and bonding during your free consultation appointment.  To find out more about the free consultation appointment, or other pet sitting or dog walking services, please click here.


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