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Odin and Saffron

Photo Gallery

The dogs in the upper corner are Katie's pups, Odin (left) and Saffron (right).  Let Katie know if you would like her to take pictures of your pets during your pet sitting visits, and if you would like her to show them off here, or on The Chipper Pet Sitter's Facebook page.  Katie can even feature your pets on their birthdays or their adoption anniversaries!  Katie has a camera on her phone, and can send you text picture updates to brighten your day at the office, or while you are away on vacation.  If you are interested in having Katie take pictures while you area away, or if you would like to send her a picture you already have to use, please scroll down to read the photo guidelines.

Below are a few pictures of pets Katie has had the pleasure of pet sitting.  Enjoy!  

Photo Guidelines
  1. Katie will never take pictures without your explicit consent.
  2. Katie promises not to use pictures on her website or Facebook page unless you give her permission to do so.
  3. If Katie wants to use pictures of your pets for any other purposes, she will ask you for your permission first.
  4. All pictures will be taken in front of backgrounds that will not reveal any client's identity, location, or date that the picture was taken in any way, and she will never reveal any of this information when posting a picture.
  5. If you would like to send Katie a picture to use, it will be understood that the picture sent to Katie was taken by you, you own the rights to the photo, or you have otherwise acquired permission from the photographer to use the picture on Katie's Facebook page, or website.
  6. Katie reserves the right to edit any photo you send to her to add the pet's name, to blur out anything that may reveal the client's location or identity, or to simply enhance the quality of the image before posting it.
  7. Katie will not post any photos sent to her that she feels inappropriate in any way.
  8. Due to the format in which photos in the gallery are displayed, sometimes very clear images turn out distorted or blurry.  If that is the case, Katie will try to make an image you send her work, but sometimes there really isn't anything that she can do about the formatting.  If this happens, she will let you know.
  9. If you give Katie permission to post pictures of your pets, and you do not like the picture that has been posted, please contact her either through e-mail or phone, and allow up to two business days for the pictures to be taken down from the website, or Facebook page.  
  10. Katie is not a professional photographer, and will not spend much time taking photos when is there to take care of your pets.  The quality of the photos taken by her phone are not always very good, and If you want her to post pictures of your pets, please allow several visits before expecting a decent quality photo to be posted.

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