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"Katie has shown a great compassion for animal husbandry."

African Grey


Please text, e-mail, visit The Chipper Pet Sitter's Facebook page, or go to the, "Contact," page to fill out the information request form, and let Katie know how her pet sitting services are doing! 

"I hired Katie to help my new rescue dog adjust to my work schedule. I am extremely picky with who I have in my home caring for my animals, and I have nothing but awesome things to say about my experience. Before the her first visit, Katie came to my home with a portfolio of certifications and references, took notes on my dogs' needs and got to know their personalities. On her daily visits, she left detailed notes about how they did and the fun she had with them. I looked forward to those notes because I could tell she truly cared about my furbabies. Katie not only won the hearts of my pups, but won my respect through her professionalism and attention to detail. I will definitely be hiring her again every time I need someone to care for my animals. I highly, highly recommend The Chipper Pet Sitter. Thank you Katie!" 
~ Rebecca S.  This five star review can also be found on Google!

"Katie is the most knowledgeable, reliable, caring Pet Sitter we have ever had. Our animals ( and we have 6 high needs pets; 3 dogs; 3 cats) bonded to her, let her give them their medicine and we have peace of mind. When we get home there is a complete update of every day she spent with them, She texts or calls (your preference) with daily updates and pictures. You will not find a better caregiver for your pets than Katie Rogers. If your animals have any kind of medical issue, she is THE one to take care of them. Our cats adore her, even the shy one. We return home to happy, healthy pets and actually enjoy our vacations and day trips with no worries. Do not hesitate, she is a professional, not just someone that does this as a hobby, side job or because they "like animals". She is the real deal!!"
~Pam Moyer

 "We were very happy with the services provided by Katie for our pets.  We needed both day and overnight care at our house on our wedding day, so I was relieved to find Katie, who allowed us to have at least one thing less to worry about that day.  From her initial consultation, she was very professional and took the time to meet my pets and go over everything thoroughly.  During the time that she was there, she did everything we asked and more, as well as giving us updates throughout the evening - so it was nice to know they were in good hands when we could not be there.  Overall, I would recommend her services and would definitely call her again if we are in need in the future."
~The Pacovskys

"For anyone who doesn't know her, Katie is one of the most loving and kind people I know. We have over a dozen animals (cats, ferrets, rabbits, turtles, fish and a spider) and we will happily put them in Katie's hands while we're away, confident that they will be loved and cared for at least as well as they would be were we still home.
Thanks and good luck, Katie!!!"
~Courtney Sullivan

To whom it may concern:
        We are writing to share our experience with Katie Rogers and to offer our recommendation for her position as a pet caregiver/sitter. Katie worked at our Veterinary Hospital as a technician from February to August 2012.  During this time she displayed excellent abilities in animal handling, restraint, and husbandry. She was very committed to her position as a technician, always being on time for work and making sure all of the day's tasks were completed at the end of the day, even if this meant she had to stay past her scheduled shift.  She was always very dependable. We cannot recall a time when she ever did not show up for work. She was able to manage more than a few challenging situations, even with difficult patients.

        Katie has shown a great compassion for animal husbandry. She would frequently check patient's cages in the ward to make sure they were neat and clean. She would also never hesitate to clean/groom an animal if time permitted. Katie was able to handle every animal big and small, while being cognizant of both the animal's safety and the safety of other staff members she was working with. She was able to work well independently, without the need for someone watching over her shoulder.
        It is because of our time working with her that we feel confident in recommending Katie as a caregiver for pets. She is trustworthy, honest and hardworking, even with the demands of a busy Veterinary Hospital.  If the need ever arose, we would be comfortable having Katie take care of our own pets.
Andrew J. Hardisky, DVM
and Joy L. Mueller
Hospital Administrator
Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital
105 West Center Hill Road 
Dallas, PA 18612

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