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Each of Katie's services will be tailored specifically to the needs of your pets. Please contact her if you have questions, or are interested in additional services that are not listed here.


    The free consultation appointment serves many purposes.   It gives families an opportunity to meet Katie, and it will give everybody the chance ask as many questions about Katie, and her services, as necessary.  The consultation will also allow Katie to get to know each pet, and their needs, so that she may properly care for loved one(s) while families are away.  Please have any up to date vaccination records, veterinary instructions, and medication or supplementation instructions ready to go over during the consultation.  If there have been changes to medication dosages that are not specified on the medication bottle, please have your veterinarian print you a new label. 
    Each visit can be tailored specifically for each pet.  Below is just a brief description of what is usually done during each visit, but please note that any of these visits can include any services a pet may need.  Please contact Katie either through the website, phone, text message, or e-mail to schedule a free consultation appointment so we may discuss how much time will be appropriate for each pet sitting visit.

    A Basic pet sitting visit will include 15 minutes catered to the needs of each pet.  This can include one brief activity (a quick play session, a short dog walking service, or some TLC), fresh food, water, and a scooped litter box, or bedding change. This pet sitting visit is perfect for a quick potty break while everybody is at work, a check in visit on an older or ill pet, or just to make sure water dishes are not empty on a hot day.

    A Standard pet sitting visit will include 30 minutes of activities for each pet to enjoy.  This can include one 20 to 25 minute activity, fresh food, water, and a cleaned litter box or bedding change.  Any remaining time after the food, water, and the litter/bedding change will be spent giving a little extra TLC, or a quick play session. Most veterinarians, technicians, and behavior specialists recommend that dogs get at least three 20 minute walks a day to keep them focused, and to both help and prevent behavior problems.  Dogs that are board will often destroy furniture, urinate inappropriately, and can become very rambunctious when walked.  This popular pet sitting visit is used most often when people are at work for extended hours, they have a hard time getting around themselves, when a there are multiple pets in the house, or when people are going away on vacation. This pet sitting visit may also be used if your pet has special needs that may require a little bit more care than the average pet.

    A Premium pet sitting visit will include one full hour tailored to the specific needs of each pet.  This pet sitting visit is used most often when a pet has a hard time being alone for any length of time, has way too much energy for their people to be able to handle when they come home from work, there are multiple pets in the household, or their family is away on vacation. Of course a block of time longer than an hour may also be scheduled if needed.

    If a pet has a hard time being alone, or if somebody just want their home to be extra secured while they are away, Katie will spend the night from 7:00pm until 7:00am the next morning in their home.  Each pet will have several hours of one on one time before bed, and at least 30 minutes in the morning for a brisk walk or play session before breakfast.    It is always stressful trying to find the time to take our beloved pets to their much needed appointments, especially when they usually take much longer than we expect them to.  Don’t worry, just give Katie a call before making an appointment, and she will give you several dates and times she will be available to take pet(s) to their appointments.  People are welcome to come along at no extra charge!    A lawn is one of the first things guests see as they are walking up to a front door. Keep grass smelling sweet, and the yard safe for children and/or pets to play in.  Most cities require lawns to be kept clean by law.  Contact Katie today to schedule a one-time yard scooping, or to schedule a weekly service. Yard scooping appointments may be scheduled during bright daylight hours Monday through Friday only. Katie will not scoop in heavy rain or snow, but she will scoop with snow on the ground.  Please know it may be difficult to find everything, or get it all cleaned up, if there is snow or ice in the way.    Does your dog need help getting up and walking on his or her own?  Having somebody around who is experienced, and knows how to properly support a dog while getting around is a must.  If your pet has just undergone a surgery, or they have hip problems, you need to hire somebody who is well experienced while you are away.  A pet sitter who knows what they are doing will be able to sling walk a dog without causing injury to themselves, or your pet. Katie is very experienced in carefully walking both dogs and cats with bandages, and various types of bone and joint traumas of both front and hind limbs. She knows how to effectively protect a bandage from getting wet, and can tell immediately when a bandage needs to be changed, or double checked by a doctor.     Having gone to college to be a veterinary technician, and having several years working experience as a veterinary technician, Katie is well practiced in giving medications and injections.  Katie knows what most medications are for, what types of effects they may have on pets, and what happens if those pets don’t get the medications they need exactly on time.  Katie also understands that there is much more to giving some medications than simply slipping a pill in some cheese.  Many medications need their dosages adjusted on a very regular basis by a veterinarian, most medications require a good amount of food to be eaten ahead of time, and some even need to be given on an as-needed basis.  Having a pet sitter who already knows all of these extremely important details makes leaving your pet in somebody else’s care much safer, and much less stressful.  Since there is a lot that goes into giving medications to a pet, Katie does charge an extra medication administration fee for both oral and injectable medications.     Katie knows the basics of how to train a dog to sit, stay, and come when called.  Katie has also had experience working with goals behavior specialists have outlined for pets she has worked with.  If a pet is fearful or territorial, Katie may require several 15 minute visits to help them get more comfortable with her before starting any dog walking or pet sitting regiment.  Katie want this process to be as safe and stress free as possible for everybody, including the pet(s).      During the free consultation appointment, let Katie know any vacation plans, and Katie will be able to draw up a vacation plan for each pet, and will present it to the family before the vacation.  Healthy dogs need to be walked at least three times daily, and those visits should be for at least 30 minutes. Smaller dogs, geriatric dogs, special needs dogs, and puppies will need to be seen more frequently.  Katie requires a minimum of at least two brief visits per day for most other pets, including cats, rabbits, and other small mammals. Fish, spiders, and some species of reptiles may only be required to have one visit daily.    While families are away for an extended time, Katie can make a house look lived in.  This alone can be a great deterrent to burglars.  Katie can switch different lights on and off, turn on and off different TVs in the house that might be visible from outside, bring in newspapers in the morning, and take out trash to the edge of the driveway for pick up. Katie can also open and close different curtains and blinds.

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